Monday, February 9, 2015

Gallup CEO to "Disappear?"

He thinks it's a distinct possibility because he “outed” Obama's “big lie” about unemployment being only a percentage of the number of people still looking for work, and ignoring those who have GIVEN UP on ever finding a job. I know that's hard to understand for a lot of people, but the fact remains that the government STOPS COUNTING people who stop looking, for one month or more. They think that's PROPER accounting. It's not. But the fact that the CEO of the Gallup organization is worried about “disappearing” is a WARNING to all of us that we are nearing a dictatorship in America. I've heard whispers already about certain people “disappearing” after they revealed some corruption or just before they were to testify to some (it happened during Clinton's time, too). That worries me a little bit. But not much. I'm old enough not to care. If I “disappear,” my troubles are over. But SOMEBODY needs to talk about Obama's crimes. (Money News)

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