Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"Are You Muslim?

That's the question asked by Terrence Lawton Thomas at a bus stop IN AMERICA (outside of Detroit). When two of them said, “No,” he took out a knife and started stabbing them. Fortunately, he wasn't too good at it, and only managed to injure them. Cops “scooped him up” and put him in jail. Which proves that there are way to many FOOLS who subscribe to the Muslim “Bible” (Koran) telling them to KILL non-believers in Islam. Muslim leaders say that doesn't apply any more, but way too many Muslims think it still DOES. Personally, I think it does, too, according to what they tell them in their mosques, where non-Muslims can't hear them because they keep them OUT. It's obvious this guy was well radicalized, right here in America—and I bet I can guess where. This is an aspect of Muslim terrorism that is the most insidious because you can't tell who will try to kill you for not “believing” until he starts killing you. (The Blaze)

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