Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Are Cops Legal Thieves?

The way laws are written, the cops can just TAKE any of your property, any time, by just SAYING they “think” you got it by criminal act. No proof seems to be necessary. Sometimes they offer you SOME of it back if you APPROVE of them keeping the rest. This is how the RICO law has been written for years. It was written supposedly to stop “drug lords” from escaping convictions because they have an endless supply of money for “fancy lawyers” that allows them to “walk all over” federal lawyers, who must operate within a budget. That this is, and was, unconstitutional because it robs people of constitutionally guaranteed equal treatment under the law, doesn't seem to bother anybody Now the State of Virginia has beaten back a law designed to nullify that, at least in Virginia. House Bill 1287, which would have required a conviction before any property could be confiscated, was defeated. So I guess the cops can go on being bandits, taking what they want, just by CLAIMING wrongdoing on somebody's part, and then putting the money or property into their own property to use to reduce dependence on budgets. Sometimes individual cops get a “cut” of it for making it possible. (Freedom Outpost)

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