Saturday, February 7, 2015

"Stymied By Tenure"

Academia uses the excuse that professors have tenure to keep from firing them when they express terrorist views while teaching them to their students. So now they come up against a CONSERVATIVE professor, and they're working to fire him in spite of tenure. I guess tenure isn't as strong as we thought, huh? Not when you WANT to fire that professor. The professor, one John McAdams, called out a student teacher for “stifling free expression,” and got “called out”n himself for doing it. Apparently, “free speech” only works in one direction at Marquette University. In their efforts to “discipline” him, they violated several university rules. They said that, “[t]he safety of [Marquette's] students and campus community is [its] top priority and and does not tolerate harassment and will not stand for faculty members subjecting students to any form of abuse, putting them in harm's way.” From the facts of the matter, McAdams did no such thing, but in academia, even the WORD of the management suffices. This is such an obvious attack on a CONSERVATIVE professor, it needn't even be in question. But university management is not to be questioned. If they want to be rid of him, he will be gone. (American Thinker)

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