Saturday, January 31, 2015

Holder All Over Again

Many Americans think we're getting a new attorney general, but we're not. Loretta Lynch is going to be just as bad as Holder is. She has SIGNALED that with her comment about the “Taliban being misunderstood.” Her opinion that they are NOT terrorists, but are merely “armed insurgents using terrorist methods.” I got a clue for ya, Loretta: if they USE terrorist methods, they ARE terrorists. And they're NOT misunderstood. One of my clearest memories of the Taliban is one who walked up behind a hooded woman in a STADIUM, fergwdsake! And put a bullet in the back of her head. Her “crime?” Having sex with a man not her husband. No trial, no “due process.” Just a man saying she had sex with somebody. And Holder thinks they are “misunderstood!” What's it going to take for this administration to get it through their thick heads that we ARE at war with Islamic terrorists and “pull out all the stops,” including “boots on the ground, to find and KILL them wherever they hide between killing sprees? (Personal Liberty)

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