Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Creating A Monster

That's what the Islamic terrorists have done, according to their lights. Before gunmen came in and murdered eleven staffers, Charlie Hebdo was a little-known LOCAL publication nobody but a few Parisians knew anything about. It had about 60,000 circulation, in Paris. After the murders, the latest issue of the satire magazine went on sale with a press run of 3 MILLION all over the world, and the terrorists are PISSED. They wanted to DESTROY it, but what they succeeded in doing was to HELP it. Parisians MOBBED newsstands to buy copies of the new issue, which featured yet another lampooning depiction of “the prophet” (that some swear resembles male genitalia) and it was reprinted all over Europe in a gesture of solidarity, and in the United States as news. Instead of frightening Charlie staffers left, it stiffened their backbones, along with the backbones of many others. All in
all, it was a “waste of time” for the terrorists, and did nothing except get a few of them killed, while earning the HATRED of France, who will henceforth STOP “bending over forward” to be screwed by Islam. ALL Muslims will be hard put to live there, whether they are terrorists, or not. Muslim terrorists say, “It's a renewed insult to the prophet.” Tough. They should have kept their guns in their pockets or shoved in their anal pores. (Mail News)

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