Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Nothing More Important?

Jeeze! An ESPN reporter admitted to “being a creationist! And the Internet EXPLODED in dismay. WHAT? You mean some fool actually ADMITTED to believing that this world was CREATED by God, rather than just “evolving?” And people got upset over that? Aren't there a few more important things in this world for people to get upset over? Frankly, I never knew why this was such a source of friction. God is supposed to be “all powerful” and if HE wanted to, HE could MAKE “creation” happen, couldn't HE? Even so, what the hell difference does it make? Seems to me Islamic terrorism should be something to be upset about, but way too many people “bend over forward” and let themselves be screwed where it hurts by Muslims all over the world. Shouldn't they be upset over that? Our PRESIDENT is spending more of our money than ALL his predecessors COMBINED, leaving our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren owing hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes before they're born. The point is, there are MANY things we should be getting upset about, but we aren't, since we spend our time worrying about people who believe in CREATIONISM! Sheesh! (Freedom Force)

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