Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Muslims Beat Up Christians

Liberals worry about “Muslim backlash” I wonder why. Maybe it's because Muslim gangs beat the hell out of Christian couples? It happened in Copenhagen, Denmark. They beat a Christian couple on Christmas Eve. First it was one attacker, who appeared to be Muslim. Then several more men, Black, of all things, wielding heavy chains joined the action, beating both unmercifully. Then they ran off. The questions the original attacker asked indicated he was Muslim, and the black men were assumed to be also. There have been several instances of Muslims targeting and beating innocent people in America, too. And they whine about “Muslim backlash.” Maybe Americans need to start beating up on Muslims, too. But liberals say that would “bring us down to their level. Too bad. Sometimes the only way to beat somebody is to lower yourself to their level. Muslim terrorists seem to think they can get away with just about anything without retaliation, simply by hollering something like “Muslim backlash” or “religious intolerance.” But they're wrong. That ploy is wearing very thin. (Eagle Rising)

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