Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The REAL "Party of the Rich"

Democrats try and paint the Republicans as “the party of the rich,” but in reality it is the DEMOCRATS who are the party of the rich.” They “hob-nob” with the rich, and the rich give more money to the Democrat Party and Democrat politicians than they have ever given to the Republicans. One glaring fact they don’t want us to know is that “income inequality” is much more prevalent in Democrat-run districts than in Republican-run districts. They “talk a good game,” but an examination of how they OPERATE puts the LIE to what they claim. Meanwhile, the DEMOCRATS are the biggest promoters of SOCIALISM, because under socialism, ownership of the money doesn’t count; it’s who CONTROLS how it is spent, and on WHAT. Citibank, who was Hillary Clinton's biggest donor while she was in the Senate, made billions on sub-prime loans to poor households in the run up to the recession, then received billions in taxpayer bailouts when those loans went bad.” Now, Obama is again pushing banks and other loan organizations to loan even more money to people who can never pay it back, with the promise of even more “ bailouts” when the loans (predictably) go bad and create yet another economic crisis he can use for his own purposes. (Town Hall)

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