Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Governed By Fools

Who think we’re all a bunch of fools, too. And they’re right, for the most part, the evidence is that Obama got elected, TWICE. And many other fools got elected, too. Mostly by people who make it a practice of “not paying attention to politics,” yet they still vote. People like me, who DO “pay attention, can clearly see the incompetence and criminality in the people running our government. Those people are very clever at getting elected, although they’re incompetent at governing. The first incompetence of those running our government today is their fervent belief in SOCIALISM. You listen to what they spout and you can’t mistake it. They talk about “redistribution of wealth,” “taxing the rich,” “income disparity,” and “raising the minimum wage,” etc. We need to make some changes in how we elect our leaders.” We need to have some sort of “intelligence test” to determine their RIGHT to vote. They’ll call that “racism,” ASSUMING black people aren’t smart enough to pass such a test. Now they’re telling us that increased government spending helps the economy. And the New York Times, the Democrat Party Newsletter, has “bought it,” as illustrated by the article linked here. And they thhinbk we're ALL too dumb to know they'rwe LYING. (Town Hall)

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