Sunday, January 25, 2015

"Walking Without A License?"

A Texas woman was ticketed for “driving without a license and was arrested --WHILE WALKING down a road. Sounds like a stretch to me. I guess the cop just needed one more ticket to make his quota—or the city needed a little more money. The cop assaulted the woman (by forcefully grabbing her arm and moving her toward his car) and said “he knows she was driving without a license” even though she was WALKING. Apparently he also SEXUALLY assaulted her while making an ILLEGAL search of her person. Then he said she was “being hostile” and arrested her for “resisting.” She was kept overnight in jail and was not advised of the charges against her until the JUDGE told her the next morning in court, when he advised he that her bail was $500.00. What makes this even more damn foolishness is the fact that she DOES have a driver's license and was NOT driving. The whole thing sounds like a “put-up job” by a police force that is “out of control” and should be investigated by a higher power. (PrisonPlanet)

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