Thursday, January 29, 2015

As Usual, He's Lying

Obama is again trying to convince us he's winning in the ”war against TERRORISTS.” He says “ISIS is on the run,” when it's evident they are NOT. He said the same thing about al-Qaida just before they made many significant advances. He refuses to admit it, but ISIS is the “new incarnation of al-Qaida” (a "branch office, as it were) and is growing daily. They're “running wild” all over the landscape. Beheading men, women, and CHILDREN for not being Muslims—or for even being a different KIND of Muslim of which they disapprove. They've taken back all the gains we made (while many soldiers died) in Iraq before he ordered his troops to “cut and run” without finishing the job of “rooting them out and killing them.” As long as they have no real opposition, they'll keep on killing and growing like the malicious cancer they are, killing, raping (adults and CHILDREN) and beheading their kidnap victims if we don't pay “homage” to them. Meanwhile. Muslims are moving to this country in droves, and breeding like rabbits. They hope to accomplish by OUTNUMBERING us, what they cannot by a frontal attack. And when they do, every man, woman, and child in this country will suffer under their thumb, and Sharia Law. They're “evil incarnate” and must be DESTROYED. Obama is DELUSIONAL if he thinks he can convince us he's winning when it is so OBVIOUS he is NOT. (Just common sense)

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