Wednesday, January 28, 2015

If So, What Next?

The mayor of Paris, France, wants to SUE Fox News for saying they have many “no-go zones,” where NOBODY, cops included, can go, where Sharia Law reigns supreme. Funny; seems to me that's just NEWS, that has actually been known for a long time. She says Fox “offended” Paris. Tough. So what? Many news items “offend” somebody. Seems we have a Constitution, and the First Amendment, which PROTECTS news outlets from such frivolous suits. If France is allowed to contravene that, and especially if it WINS, what's next for news agencies? Good luck in collecting ANYTHING. What kind of insipid “news” would we be subjected to if news agencies can be sued for ”offending” someone by publishing TRUTH about them? For that matter, what does this say to FRENCH news agencies? (World Net Daily)

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