Monday, January 26, 2015

Twisting the Law

That's what the “child protectors” do. They PRETEND to have “the best interests of the child” at heart, but they'll use ANY EXCUSE to steal people's children from them. They'll twist the law until it screams so they can kidnap children for the “fees” the feds pay them at every juncture while they “hold them hostage.” And if they're able to keep them permanently, and adopt them out, they get yet another “fee” of $4,500 to $6,000 EACH. The $6,000 figure is for “special needs” children. But what child will NOT be “special needs” after being put through their wringer? In the case linked here, they used a “non-government approved FILTER as their excuse. They typically exercise “Gestapo-like control” over families. Their REAL reason for taking these children from their loving family is that they are home-schooled. But since they can't use that as an excuse, due to some recent court decisions, they cite use of a non-government approved filter, which is about as silly an excuse as I've heard, and I've heard some silly ones.. How transparent can they BE? But they don't care. They have their own court systems, with their own judges. And the judges' word is LAW. They flout the Constitution, saying that since their abuses are “civil matters,” so the Constitution does not apply. (Preserve Freedom)

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