Friday, January 23, 2015

Islamic Tewrrorist War Is Over

It doesn't exist, but it's over now. That's what Obama says, in spite of the advances made in Iraq by ISIS since he told his troops to “cut and run” from Iraq, leaving the Iraqis to their own defenses, which apparently are not enough. Islamic terrorists are murdering people, even beheading CHILDREN and raping their mothers AND the kids all over the world. Even misfit American CITIZENS are going to the Middle East for Islamic terrorist TRAINING and coming back home to kill people and he still thinks the Islamic terrorist war is OVER. He won't even CALL IT what it is, or admit it IS “Islamic terrorism.” It's really too bad the Islamic terrorists have their own traitor in the White House where he can give orders that make SURE they will win, because his people are ordered NOT to fight effectively. Why doesn't somebody who can DO something about him realize that he is a TRAITOR to this country and DO something about him? Impeachment is not enough. U. S. Marshals need to go into the Oval Office and “perp walk” him out in handcuffs. That's how we handle traitors, no matter who they are. (Just common sense)

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