Monday, January 19, 2015

Muslims Can Pray In School

Christians can NOT! It's illegal in most school systems for Christians to pray because that would violate that IMAGINARY “separation of church and state” that they want us to believe is built into the Constitution, but which is NOT. Meanwhile, the Michigan School Board allows MUSLIMS to pray in school. This is something Christians are NOT allowed to do in a CHRISTIAN country. How is this POSSIBLE? What kind of damned FOOLS are running things in Michigan? How did Muslims gain so much power in this country as to be allowed this when the religion that is the LARGEST in this country is NOT? I can't believe we have such STUPID people actually running a school system. If you're not going to let Christians pray in school, how the HELL can you justify letting MUSLIMS? We're LOSING, folks! We're GIVING it away! (Last Resistance)

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