Friday, January 9, 2015

They'll Call It Racism

But it’s TRUTH. Apparently today, if ANYBODY (ESPECIALLY Rush Limbaugh) tells the truth and blacks don’t like it (liberals, too, because it helps them push racism), they call it racism. Rush is now saying that a black actor playing James Bond is as stupid as George Clooney playing Barack Hussein Obama, and it’s TRUE. But it doesn’t go along with their campaign to FORCE black actors into white roles, in their insane attempt tom push the racism factor as a viable thing. Obama WANTS a “race war” as a means of getting the power to make more and more restrictive laws and regulations, while sucking the money to finance it out of us. The push to FORCE Hollywood to replace white actors with blacks in traditional white actor roles is all part of it. It’s a “transparent ploy,” but they insist it is NOT a ploy. (News Max)

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