Friday, January 30, 2015

Hillary Hates Free Market

That's strange, because she benefits handsomely FROM it. Her speaking fees are in the $250,000.00 to $300,000.00 range, even higher than Mitt Romney's $50,000.00 fee. They wouldn't be possible without the free market.She thinks other people shouldn't be allowed to “hold people up,” but she does it, every day. NOTHING this witch says is worth that kind of money, except to her dupes, who slobber over her every word, but won't buy her book. Maybe because most of them can't read and comprehend. I'm sure their comprehension of her speeches isn't much better, but they enjoy the “droning” even if they don't understand the substance—if any. What you can charge, in capitalism, depends on what people will pay. That's a basic part of the free market. And as long as fools will PAY that much, she'll take advantage of it She says she gives “discounted rates” to universities, and $300,000 IS her “discounted rate.” (Last Resistance)

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