Thursday, January 29, 2015

ISIS Karma

I've always said that people who cut off other people's heads should have THEIR heads removed. And it appears that somebody else thinks so, too. A top player in the self-styled “police force” in Syria, which is part of ISIS (also known by several other names, as is common with Islamic terrorists) has been found without his head. Apparently, somebody who liked to smoke didn't like their recent order BANNING smoking because when the head was found, it had a cigarette in its mouth. I probably wouldn't go that far over smoking, but this man did much more than ban smoking, and richly deserved what he got. And since he didn't die while trying to murder people who didn't believe the way they DICTATED, he probably won't get his “74 virgins.” Boo-hoo! We should see more beheadings of terrorists. Maybe they'd start thinking twice before doing it to others. (Preserve Freedom)

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