Thursday, January 29, 2015

What's Wrong With People?

Anybody with ANY amount of intelligence knows that Islamic terrorists are a “clear and present danger” to us. So why then, do “school officials” allow and even REQUIRE indoctrination in Muslim principles in our schools, while ELIMINATING anything having to do with Christianity? What's WRONG with these people? In North Carolina, it has been found that they are injecting Muslim theology into what impressionable children are being taught in school, “on the quiet.” And this is not the only place in America where this is happening. I've read about SEVERAL places where young kids are being taught Muslim theology and principles, and being REQUIRED to attend what amounts to Muslim RECRUITING sessions! This IS a CHRISTIAN nation, and that's the way WE like it. There is no logical reason to teach our children Muslim theology except to get some of them to CONVERT to Islam before they're smart enough to know better. And some school systems are cooperating in that endeavor. Why? Are they STUPID? Or are they saboteurs? Like Obama? Some say this fits in with “Common Core.” Which is yet more proof that we need to DUMP “Common Core.” As if there weren't enough,proof, already. But the feds are insisting on us adopting “Common Core,” anyway. (Patriots and Politics)

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