Monday, January 19, 2015

Wake Obama Up!

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton is one of the few people in DC who recognizes the truth. Barack Hussein Obama will not even say we're at WAR with Islamic terrorism. He won't even use the WORDS “Islamic terrorism. “ Bolton says we're LOST unless he does, and acts accordingly. That means no “insipid response,” and “boots on the ground” to STRANGLE the terrorists, wherever they are, and under whatever name they're using at the time. We need a MAXIMUM RESPONSE, not the “limited response” crap Obama has “authorized.” A couple of bombing runs that kill a few isolated pickup trucks or blow up a few outbuildings, but ignores the locations of major terrorist figures while RELEASING terrorists, “willy-nilly,” to go back and “swell the ranks” of terrorists in battle ain't agonna do it. I know he WANTS the terrorists to win, but SOMEBODY (besides Bolton) needs to recognize that and put a STOP to it. (World Net Daily)

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