Saturday, January 31, 2015

Phony Racism

Michelle Obama refused to “knuckle under” to the Saudi's requirement that all women wear a head scarf in public, something we don't require of them. She figures that, as wife of the head of ANOTHER state, that requirement could not apply to her. She's right, and I applaud her for it (she doesn't do much for me to applaud). American liberals are now “asking” if it was racism that caused the criticism. They look for racism under every bed (Aside: Now they're saying a black cop shooting a black man is racism). It is the Saudi's (Muslim) demand and she ignored it. They can't have a mere woman do that, can they? According to Muslims, women are “chattel,” to be ordered around at will. By anybody. They're just mad because they couldn't beat her for it. (Daily Caller)

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