Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Putting Bloggers Down

Politicians—even actors, like to put bloggers down with the image of a “Momma's boy” living in his Mom's basement, in his underwear, typing on a computer. As if that changed what is TRUTH. Truth is truth, whether it comes from a guy wearing a suit, getting paid big bucks for his ignorance (as most of today's "reporters" do), or somebody who doesn't get paid, but does it for the LOVE of truth. My blogs, for instance, are written by a 77-year-old man who can barely walk, but who can still THINK, and pay ATTENTION to what our incompetent politicians and other fools are doing to us, whether or not I get paid for it. Yes, I have to be my own editor. But what says somebody else as editor will make it any more true? Sometimes editors just get in the WAY of truth. I've spent my life watching what incompetent politicians do to us, and now I'm spending ALL my time pointing it out, and it matters NOT whether or not I get paid for it. Some think I should be senile by now. But keeping track of truth and writing about it has kept my mind fresh, even if my body is failing me in some ways. My brain remains sharp (Just common sense)

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