Sunday, January 11, 2015

Targeting Gun Owners?

Maryland cops stopped a man and his family and treated them like criminals, separating them in different police cars, while they conducted an ILLEGAL search of their car, looking for the gun they KNEW he owned. Unfortunately for them, he had left it at home, knowing that Maryland does not recognize the gun rights of other states. An “internal review” concluded that the stop was completely legal (in spite of the Fourth Amendment to the constitution of the United States) and did not violate police protocols. How stupid ARE these people? What kind of fool “protocols” do they have that allows them to openly violate several constitutional provisions in their effort to find this gun? How did they know he OWNED a gun, anyway? Were they warned in advance and did they “target” him as he passed through the state? This whole thing is VERY suspicious. Evidence (seen in other stops involving the same cop) shows that Maryland “targets” Florida drivers for extensive illegal searches, hunting for the guns they LAWFULLY own in Florida so they can “confiscate” (steal) them if they find them. (Guns ‘n’ Freedom)

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