Friday, January 16, 2015

No Wonder We're Losing!

It seems like every time we do anything to oppose Islamic terrorism, we lose. Mostly because our own supposed allies “:rule” against us. Now I find out they have big meetings where an unindicted co-conspirator (whatever THAT means) in the first World Trade bombing is scheduled to speak. And not even a HINT of cops going there to arrest him for mass murder. Did we allow German Nazis to speak OPENLY before open groups of Nazis in America during the Second World War? No; we were smarter then. Today we have a PRESIDENT who will not call Islamic terrorism Islamic terrorism. He calls it everything BUT what it is; and other liberals “follow his lead.” This is thew kind of damned foolishness that will get us all dead. What the hell is WRONG with people in this country? Do they WANT an Islamic Caliphate? That's what they're going to get if they don't “wise up.” Letting Muslim conspirators who are KNOWN terrorists speak OPENLY to groups of other co-conspirators within our very borders is so STUPID I can't even CONTEMPLATE it! Yet they're doing it, right out on the open, and they don't even give a damn if we know it. How STUPID are we to ALLOW it? (Allen West)

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