Sunday, January 18, 2015

How Do They Do It?

They send KNOWN terrorist killers to speak before Muslim gatherings to foment more violence, and do it openly. At the same time our president supplies Islamic terrorists with OUR arms, which they use to kill Americans, as well as others, for not believing the way they DICTATE. And we (not me) let them DO it! Do we have a “death wish?” NO; we have a Muslim PRESIDENT who WANTS them to win! And who does everything he can to help them accomplish it! And we LET him DO it! What the HELL is wrong with the people running this country? I know they're incompetent. But STUPID? They'd have to be stupid (or on their side) to allow the ENEMY to do the things they allow! Meanwhile the enemy conducts MULTIPLE attacks in Paris while PROMISING to bring that sort of thing here--and we do NOTHING! Damn, I'm glad I won't be alive to see the result of their stupidity! (Minuteman News)

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