Friday, June 17, 2016

Why Islam Should Be Banned

Muslims insist that ANY criticism of Muslims is an “assault on religious liberty.” It is NOT. Any “religion” that preaches HATRED for members of other religions to the point where a mother would burn her own daughter to death for marrying the wrong man (probably not a Muslim) should be ENDED, and deleted from memory. The woman who did this is a “peaceful Muslim,” in that she burned her own daughter to death, not an American, or a citizen of another country. People who are so heavily INDOCTRINATED in a false religion that they murder their own CHILDREN to please the Imams are FOOLS, and their “religion” should be ENDED. It should not be allowed to infect the lives of others, who are too intelligent than to believe the crap they teach, but will be affected by the DEATH they preach. (Allen West)

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