Tuesday, June 7, 2016

It's Not Prejudice

It's common sense. Democrats want to impart prejudice into the very natural distress we feel as Obama imports (at out expense, of course) thousands of “Syrian refugees” without any kind of “vetting.” Among them are going to be many Islamic TERRORISTS, out to kill as many Americans as they can, and through “being offended” at what is natural to us, cause as many problems as they can. Since it is impossible to tell “peaceful” Muslims from the terrorists, we tend to look at ALL of them with suspicion. That's not prejudice, it's COMMON SENSE. But Bernie and Hillary try to convince people that the ONLY reason to view Muslims with suspicion is prejudice, which is very STUPID on their part. People who use that kind of tomfoolery to get votes should not even be CONSIDERED to become president, or for any other elective OR appointive office. (CNN)

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