Thursday, June 16, 2016

Incompetence In Government

We're all angry over the many outrages perpetrated on us by one Barack Hussein Obama, whom we (not me) elected TWICE in our ignorance, so he could work tirelessly to destroy this as a free market nation. He, and other fools like him, try to convince us that the free market (which they call “capitalism” as an insult) is NOT the reason why this is the destination of choice for ALL who want to improve their lives. That it is not the reason we have surpassed, in less than 300 years, anything other countries, which have been around for thousands of years, have accomplished. They think socialism is the only real system, even though socialism has FAILED, everywhere it has been tried, eventually. Or soon will. Some socialist governments survive for a time, until they run out of the money provided by the “producers” of society, or the money GIVEN them by other socialist nations that have some left (Example: Cuba). There are many examples of their incompetence, and this article lists only a few. But I'm sure you can spot others, once your eyes are opened. (iPatriot)

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