Thursday, May 10, 2018

Anti-Gun Pipe Dreams

You'd think a university professor, especially one who is also a researcher, would know what he's talking about, wouldn't you? Well this one obviously does NOT. Stanford University professor and researcher John J. Donohue says that UNARMED people stop mass shootings more often than do ARMED people. Donohue's suggestion can be proven wrong, not only through logic, but through EXPERIENCE. Its basic premises are false. He says that “most people are not armed.” And then. “SOME mass shootings are stopped.” there is no “causal relationship” between the two. This is yet another effort by an anti-gun fool to prove something that is not so, relying on his position as someone who SHOULD know to bolster the lie. Anti-gun fools rely on false statistics because there are NO real ones that favor their position. (Breitbart)

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