Wednesday, May 9, 2018

You're A Potential Terrorist!

That's right. If you talk about state's rights. or individual liberties, you're a "potential terrorist." according to liberals in the government. If you want to "defeat the communists, you are. Those who think the interests of our nation are more important than those of any other nation, likewise. Anyone who exhibits intolerance for other people's religions (except for Muslims, of course), those who are anti-gay, or anti Muslim, or are members of the "patriot movement," members of the Family Research Council or the American Family Association. And anyone opposed to the New World Order. In other words, ANYBODY who is NOT liberal. Also anyone who is against gun control or the nullification of the Second Amendment, or who fear gun confiscation. If you complain about bias in government, or establish a web site or blog that displays what they think are "extremist views." I guess that makes me a potential terrorist, because I fit ALL those descriptions--maybe except the anti-gay or anti-Muslim ones, I leave gays AND Muslims alone of they leave me alone. Maybe those who are intolerant of other people's religions does not fit me, either. As with Muslims and gays, I am not interested in taking away other people's right to the religion of their choice. Neither do I ever judge people by the color of their skin or any other group they may belong to. I judge people as INDIVIDUALS, and by what they DO. But since I disagree with the liberals in my government in many ways, they list me as a "potential terrorist." And you, as well, just for reading my words. There are a lot more definitions on the list linked here, and many of them are absurd. But that's how potential dictators think. (Liberty Park Press)

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