Monday, May 14, 2018

Sacramento "Getting It?"

They're finally realizing that their main problem with gun violence is NOT the guns, but gang members shooting each other (and others) over such trivial things like being "on their turf." Unfortunately, their approach to that problem is flawed. They're "investing" $1.5 million dollars in PAYING gang members not to shoot each other while accidentally shooting innocent people in their crossfire. If they think that's going to keep gang members from shooting each other over "turf," they've got another think coming, That's like telling snakes to quit biting people or telling the ocean to stop coming to the shore. Gang members fighting over turf is as natural as the sun coming up in the morning, and PAYING them not to do it will not stop a single shooting. They will take the money, stick it in their pockets, and go right out and shoot somebody while laughing at the "do-gooders." Gang members have no respect for others, and will take what is offered, and break any "agreement" the first time an opportunity presents itself. In that, they're like N. Korea. (Sacramento Bee)

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