Thursday, May 17, 2018

It's Obama, Stupid!

People are wondering why airplanes and helicopters are going down, killing so many soldiers, why ships are running into each other at sea, and why military trucks break down with such regularity. The answer is simple, which is why it escapes so many. It is the Obama campaign to DEFUND the military. As their financing ebbed, the military was not able to buy parts with which to repair their equipment, and thus, there were many squadrons with only a few aircraft able to fly because of that lack of parts--and the ones they did try to fly failed, for the same reason, killing people and costing us millions of dollars. Trucks and cars and electronic equipment broke down, and some parts failures caused deadly crashes. Pilots were unable to get enough flying time to maintain their airworthiness. Lack of proper training and equipment failure caused ships to run into other ships--accidents that could have been avoided if their equipment actually worked, and their people had been properly trained. And it's all Obama's fault. It is getting better now that Trump has seen to increasing the military's funding so they can do those needed repairs, while properly training their personnel. And he's getting criticized for it by the liberals, of course. They don't want to see things getting better. It's bad for them. (Just common sense)

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