Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Unenforceable Regulations

The ATF has taken it upon itself to come out with a "regulation" that bans ALL ways to "increase the rate of fire" of a gun. It does not mention the "bump stock" by name, but the reg covers every conceivable method to increase the rate of fire in ANY gun. Kind of a "catch-all" reg that could spell DOOM for the Second Amendment, while not specifically reversing it. Reminds me of an old gun law in California (which may still be in effect, I don't know) that defines a firearm as "anything that can be projected toward a person that can do him harm." Or words to that effect. In my mind, that includes my fist, which can do so. If so, I must LICENSE my fist. The same applies to a fart, which, in my case, can easily damage somebody if he or she is "in range." The point is, it is yet another way to circumvent the Second Amendment, and it was done WITHOUT input from the Congress. In other words, it is NOT a LAW, just a REGULATION. Bureaucratic "takeover" and UNLAWFUL. A bureaucratic agency CANNOT legally do such a thing, since EVERY regulation must be to DETAIL enforcement of a LAW. (Truth About Guns)

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