Monday, May 7, 2018

Pelosi Shows Her Ignorance (Again)

She says of the Concealed Carry Reciprocity bill that it will "INVITE domestic abusers and convicted stalkers to carry concealed weapons." Which it does not do, at all. It allows people WITH concealed carry permits in one state to carry their guns in all states. That's ALL it does. It allows people who have followed the law to carry their guns, even after crossing a state line. It does NOT "invite domestic abusers and convicted stalkers" to carry the guns that they carry anyway to cross a state line. Those who IGNORE laws will carry their guns anywhere they wish, and to HELL with the law. They don't need an "invitation." Peelosi's statement is the usual liberal attempt to get in the way of a good law while continually passing BAD laws that get people killed. That's the danger in letting stupid people get elected to important offices where they can make STUPID laws and have them be enforced. We should "clean out" such people in the "cesspool" of DC. Get rid of them, and MAYBE get some SMART laws passed. (Caleb Hull/IJR)

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