Monday, May 14, 2018

Seattle to Amazon: "Bug Off!"

At a time when Amazon is considering where to locate their new major shipping point, with it's $BILLIONS of dollars added to their economy, and the thousands and thousands of new jobs that come with it, Seattle seems to be telling Amazon to "bug off!" They're looking at $500.00 PER EMPLOYEE head tax, to be paid by the employer. Under negotiations, they seem to be agreeable to lower that to $275.00 per employee, which is still a lot of money, which, I'm sure, Amazon will take into consideration when figuring out where to put their giant shipping facility. They've already halted construction on a new office tower there, while waiting to see what the Council decides. Liberals call that "extortion." But I call it good sense on Amazon's part. Cities all over the country are making tax CUTS to entice Amazon to their cities. It's as if Seattle doesn't WANT Amazon there. I'm not a big Amazon promoter, after I had bad dealings with them, but I think they should not even CONSIDER Seattle in their plans, because of stupid liberal government. (The Stranger)

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