Thursday, May 17, 2018

Surprise, Surprise!

One of the Russian companies Mueller "indicted"has come forward and DEMANDED he produce the "evidence" he says proves they did wrong, and he can't. It doesn't exist. We all know a good prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich, and this Russian company is Mueller's "sandwich." As with the government's use of "National Security Letters" (which are nothing but something written by one of the "investigators" with no force in law) in place of warrants to DEMAND documents on just the WORD of one of their "investigators" that wrongdoing is "suspected," which has NO force in law, and is just an intimidating ploy, they have called Mueller's bluff. He can't produce ANY evidence, so he has to drop the charges. And when he does, his entire "investigation" is compromised. He has long since admitted, just by his actions, that he can't prove the Russians interfered with our election in collusion with the Trump campaign, and now one of his claimed "successes" has blown up in his face. If Trump doesn't declare his "investigation" a dud and strip him of his financing so he can no longer waste millions of dollars of taxpayer money in his "witch hunt," I'll be surprised. (CNN)

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