Monday, June 11, 2018

Second Amendment A "Privilege?"

That's what the governor of Arkansas thinks. Seems like all the other provisions in the "Bill of Rights" are RIGHTS, but the Second is "just a privilege." He spouts that nonsense to excuse his trying to make unconstitutional laws that violate the Constitution. He says he "supports gun rights with reasonable limits." But ANY limits on the right of all Americans to own and use guns for self defense is an "abridgment," which is PROHIBITED by that Second Amendment, which IS a right. Anybody trying to say it is not is a LIAR and a fool. Anti-gun fools have, for years, tried to make the Second Amendment useless, without much success. Those willfully violating its provisions (or even ATTEMPTING to, should be arrested, tried, and imprisoned. That is one basic FLAW in the Constitution, that those lawmakers who willfully violate the Constitution are not subject to arrest and imprisonment for trying, or succeeding in getting laws passed that violate the Constitution. The only thing they suffer is the INDIGNITY of having their laws declared unconstitutional and reversed, after sometimes YEARS of them being enforced. And the effects of that enforcement last a long time after the law itself is declared unconstitutional. (Arkansas Online)

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