Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Election Craziness

It amazes me what some politicians think will get them elected. And it pains me to know that, often they're right. In Colorado, one politician is touting his "beating the NRA--twice." Another is proudly saying he "stopped Trump." As if that's something to be proud of. Another stands proudly with Obama, Bill Clinton, and Ruth Bader Ginsberg (ick). There are way too many of them "standing tall" for gun control, which will do nothing but get people killed by disarming the law-abiding and making them "easy targets" for criminals, who IGNORE their laws. Another brags that he was "the only conservative to support Trump's tax cuts." As if that made him a hero or something, for supporting something that benefited millions of people. Others tout their OPPOSITION to Trump, while Trump works hard to make things better for all Americans by reversing the disastrous liberal policies fostered by Obama. Liberals must have a mental disease, because they can't seem to see the contractions between their policies and reality. And the anti-gun fools? They're just STUPID if they can't see that NONE of their laws do a single thing to "stem gun violence," as they claim they will. (Breitbart)

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