Wednesday, June 6, 2018

They Just Don't Understand

Liberals have no idea what the Constitution says, or they don't care. One attorney general wants to be able to charge a person with the same crime TWICE, which violates one of the BASIC principles in the Constitution, that of "double jeopardy." New York Governor Cuomo wants teachers to be able to petition judges to seize guns. Never mind the Second Amendment. That never bothers a liberal who wants to take guns. He wants to introduce legislation to do just that. He realizes he will face "criticism from Republicans." I wonder why? He ought to face criticism from Dumocrats, too, but won't. they don't care any more about the Constitution than he does. He doesn't realize that taking guns of "disturbed students" will NOT stop them from shooting up a school if they are really determined. They will either STEAL the guns from SOMEWHERE, or get them ILLEGALLY. History has shown that they WILL get a gun illegally, or use something else. Like explosives. Or a KNIFE. Or maybe ACID. They will accomplish their goals, one way or the other. Taking their guns will just force them to be a little more creative. (WHEC)

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