Friday, June 1, 2018

"Just Make Stuff Up"

That's how the anti-gun fools "prove NRA wrong." The only problem is, they can't do it by making stuff up. Former Labor Secretary under Bill clinton tried it. His first point is that "gun laws stop crime." They do NOT. That is statistically PROVEN. Then he said the Second Amendment was not meant to excuse mass slaughter. In that, he's right. It was meant to AVOID mass slaughter by giving the law-abiding the right to have and use their own guns for self defense. He went on to say that more guns have not, and will not, make us safer. Again, that is DEMONSTRABLY wrong. More guns in the hands of the law-abiding HAVE, and DO make us safer, mostly by letting them kill lawbreakers. Then he said a majority of Americans WANT stringer anti-gun laws. That is an out and out LIE that is also demonstrably false. Next came the NRA. He said it was a big special interest organization with a "stranglehold" on the Republican Party. Actually, it represents the many millions of law-abiding citizens who want to be able to defend themselves against the LAWLESS, who use their ILLEGAL guns to victimize them. He cites no sources for his claims, because there are none. They are "made up" out of whole cloth. (AmmoLand)

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