Thursday, January 11, 2018

What's With the GOP?

They would happily lose the White House, and even control of the Congress if it would get rid of Trump. At least, some of them would, those who were "in the swamp." The "elite Republicans" are deathly afraid that Trump is going to knock down their houses of cards and destroy their little fiefdoms, as he has PROMISED to do. So they are going to try to discredit him before he can do it. Other Republicans realize the GIFT they have been given with control of all three branches of government, and will try to do the right thing. Those who don't, will mostly lose their next election and be gone. That's the upshot of Trump's intentions. Those who consistently vote AGAINST the GOP program, like the senator who has TWICE blocked Trump's initiatives. will be "put out to pasture" to enjoy their retirement, for that will be all they have left. I get really tired of our representatives who are only interested in protecting their little "kingdoms," and to hell with what's good for the country. I know who they are, and so do the other people who pay attention to politics. And we will see that they go down. (Just common sense)

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