Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Why Promote the Book?

The book written by Michael Wolf ("Fire and Fury") has become a massive football tossed back and forth by liberals and conservatives. Liberals love it because, if whether or not his unsupported charges are true, it is "bad news" for President Trump. Trump people hate it for the same reason. Meanwhile, they completely ignore Clinton rape accuser Juanita Broderick's "tell all" book that came out almost at the same time, because that one is not good for Bill Clinton. Never mind that Wolf has a reputation for "getting things wrong," either by accident, or on purpose. "Experts" wonder why that is so. And they call these people "experts?" It's easy to see if you have any degree of intelligence. It can be a problem for Trump, and liberals have nothing else REAL with which to "injure" him. So they "jump on the bandwagon" with NO poof of ANYTHING, as they did on Judge Roy Moore. They still call him a "pedophile," though no real proof has ever come out that he is. They do the same with President Trump. This seems to be routine with them. Take UNSUPPORTED accusations as TRUTH, and keep on insisting they ARE truth when you have nothing else. (Steadfast and Loyal)

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