Tuesday, January 9, 2018

"Winners In Life's Lottery"

That's a favorite phrase, uttered by greedy liberal (Dumocrat) politicians to describe the people who largely have EARNED their way to riches, while others, with fewer talents and abilities, have not. It insinuates that they have not EARNED those riches, and have no right to them. It reflects the JEALOUSY they feel for anybody who has earned more money than they do, and they want to take it away from them, any way they can, and put it in their own pockets. One way is to have greedy politicians tax them at higher rates than ordinary people, simply BECAUSE they have earned more. Another phrase that sounds to me like fingernails on a blackboard is, "tax breaks for the rich," which reflects the same jealousy for those who have, through their efforts, EARNED more than some, including those greedy (mostly Dumocrat) politicians. They think that, somehow, getting rich is a CRIME, punishable by taking money away from them and "redistributing" it to those who, for whatever reason, have NOT earned their way to riches Whatever their "reasoning," it is a clear tipoff to their socialist ideas. The Dumocrat Party is the PARTY of socialism, and they prove it every time they open their blow holes with ideas such as providing FREE college education for all, and putting EVERYBODY on Medicare. And they never ask about how they're going to pay for it, while incessantly challenging the ability of Republicans to pay for their ideas. (Charlie Foxtrot)

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