Friday, January 5, 2018

They Don't Get Trump

The liberals just don't get President Trump. They think a man like him should never have been president. He doesn't live up to their idea of what a president should be, how a president should act. His every move seems to flummox them and infuriate them. Mostly because after all their predictions that he would be a failure as president if he even made it to the Oval office, he succeeded beyond their wildest dreams, in spite of the stiff opposition against his every move. The stock market today hit 25,000, a level once thought to be impossible in our lifetimes. Unemployment is at a record low, There were 250,000 new jobs created in 2017. He passed one of the biggest tax reductions in history and "gutted" Obamacare by getting rid of the REQUIREMENT to buy Obama's overpriced insurance or pay a fine, while liberals all over decry it, saying it was "the worst piece of legislation ever." The liberal media LIES every day about him, publishing story after story they think is guaranteed to "take him down." An example is the one that says he only ran as a publicity stunt, and never expected to win. That his wife was in tears when he won. All blatantly UNTRUE, but they never apologized for running it. They think they are "superior human beings" and can't understand why he whips them at every point. They're confident that they will take back Congress in 2018, but they're going to be sorely disappointed. They will never understand him, and that's to his advantage. (Just common sense)

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