Friday, January 12, 2018

It's "Male Whiteness!"

One college professor (George Ciccariello-Maher ) at Drexel University, blames mass killings on "men's whiteness" after the Las Vegas killings, and got himself banished from the campus at Drexel for his racism. Think what would happen if anybody said the same thing about "blackness." The liberals would lose their minds, and so would conservatives. The level of STUPIDITY this professor illustrated by this remark should cause him to be BANNED from ANY position where his stupidity and bigotry could infect the impressionable minds of our youth. But that probably won't happen. His expulsion from the campus for his silly crack probably will only be temporary. It is instructive to note that he is still allowed to teach on the Internet from home. He said that "All white men want to kill people," and I assume he includes himself, since he APPEARS to be white. But the picture I saw was inconclusive on that score. What he ignores is the fact that most white men do NOT kill people, and some mass killers are NON-white.. But liberals like him ignore logic. (Keep and Bear)

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