Saturday, May 14, 2016

Muslime As Rapists

Rape is a “cultural; thing” to Muslims, it seems, because there are daily stories in the news about their rapes and other sexual assaults. There are many stories about Muslim men raping women and saying they “couldn't help themselves” on seeing how the women were dressed. And that they figured if the woman so much as SMILED in their direction that was “an invitation for sex.” In the story linked here, this Muslim “refugee” had been in great Britain for five years without being caught in a rape. Who knows how many rapes he had been guilty of that weren't reported? But he was so stupid in this case that he was immediately caught, and sentenced to a long prison term. He was pizza delivery man, fergawdsake! What an occupation for a Muslim man! Especially considering that many of the very pizzas he delivered contained ham, sausage, or other swine derivative meats. Unlike the Muslim truck drivers who took jobs delivering beer, got fired for refusing to do the jobs they knew involved delivering alcohol, and sued their employer for being fired. They won the suit, and an ignorant liberal judge awarded them a lot of money. This is further evidence that Muslims only move here to make trouble, as so many of them do. They are the most easily “offended” people in the world, and that's part of their scheme to disrupt life in America. (Conservative Tribune)

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