Sunday, May 22, 2016

Socialism's End Result

We keep telling people that the “end result” of socialism is collapse, and they don't believe us. Chiefly because the socialists in charge of such collapses deny socialism was, in any way, responsible. But the current collapse in Venezuela IS from socialism, and they can't truthfully deny it. Their socialism is so well known there that denying it is futile. People are FIGHTING over what food is left. There is no toilet paper in all of Venezuela and trees are being stripped of their leaves as a substitute. Maybe they'll start using pictures of the Venezuelan president. Hamburgers cost $175.00! Chese added is another $10.00.The “final straw” came when they announced that they had “run out of money to print money!” Children are dying for lack of medicine, medical care, and food. But there will still be people who tout the “advantages” of socialism. Some “ideas” never die, even after being PROVEN to be a disaster. There will always be people stupid enough to promote them, anyway, and others to believe them. (Before It's News)

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