Monday, May 16, 2016

Coverup Begins

Those of us who look outside the liberal news media for our news because we know it lies, and withholds vital information know all about Facebook's attempts at censorship of conservatives. But the liberal media REFUSES to say anything about it, so the liberals can say “It didn't happen because it was never in the news.” Never in the news THEY read anyway. But it DID happen, just as the IRS “dragged their feet” on approving the tax exempt status for conservative organizations, and they didn't cover that, either. That's how they “manage” the news. By emphasizing negative stories about non-liberal figures like the story about Trump's “abusive” relationship with a woman that turned out to be NOT an abusive relationship.

It was only reported that way by the NY Times. Then they ignore other stories that might destroy the liberal narrative. They've been doing this for many years, and it was undetected by everybody but those conservatives affected. But they had no way to let people know. Now, more and more it is becoming evident, since there is a large, and increasingly evident “alternative” news media that is gaining notice in the mainstream, to report it. Liberals hate that, and take every opportunity to disparage it's representatives, such as Fox News, which tells the truth about them, and tells BOTH SIDES of the stories they report. This is something the liberal media does NOT do. They hate Fox News because it exposes their perfidy. (Media ResearchCenter)

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