Friday, May 13, 2016

Wendy's Goes Robot

Apparently, the ability to eliminate employees has been in existence for some time, and most of the “fast food outlets” have resisted using it—until they raised the minimum wage so high there was no way they could afford to pay that much to unskilled workers who didn't even know how to count change out of a cash drawer, and their cash registers had to TELL them how much to give back. If the power or the computer goes out, they need to use a calculator to figure it out. These people just aren't WORTH $15.00 per hour, and to pay them that much would force these companies out of business. So now Wendy's will be firing many employees, and not hiring replacements. This is not a “big bad employer” making it hard on the kids who worked for them. It's the other way around. It's the kids making it hard on Wendy's, by demanding more than they're entitled to earn, and using the government to BULLY them. But now they have NO JOBS at all. As predicted. (Conservative Tribune)

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